Monday, April 13, 2015

Rhythm of the Weekend

 As predicted our family is slowly starting to find a rhythm or grove if you will to the days that shape our weeks and months. With Momma working full time our weeks have had a lot less ease to them- a bit of uncertainty as to who would be picking up whom from where and a constant need to communicate the basic goings on of our days. There has been a lot of driving and not a lot of walking. There has been a lot of guilty donuts bought en route home from school!

With our weekdays starting to shape up into something of a routine again it only follows that our weekends are following suit- the Littles have started soccer on Saturdays in which somewhat of a forced routine will follow. We are falling back into habit- that dropped off last fall- of shopping the farmers markets again which is oh so good! Just in time to see the winter market wrapping up all the good things are just starting to come into season again- amongst them our all time favourite rhubarb- just in time for making the syrup and squares that we love so much!

         After not attending the markets for some time it is so refreshing to see new vendors joining the line up- wine and spirit purveyors are amongst the new merchants. We are looking forward to a kraft brewery joining the crowd- which would make our marketing all the more a pleasure! The winter market is wrapping up it's season over at Riley park- which is where for so many years it was held. Heading back to that spot under beautiful old trees reminded me so much of shopping there with The Boy as a wee babe- walking over in the heat of the summer and loading up the stroller with so many flats of blueberries I had to carry him home!

  Of course no visit to the farmer''s market is complete without a visits to the food trucks- this week's lineup did not fail to disappoint- my favourite Le Tigre (awesome because that is what we used to call our stroller back in the day- which was most decidedly a Wednesday). So anyways Le Tigre was there serving up their famous Crack Salad- shown below- sounds weird and looks full of kale but seriously if you ever get the chance try this salad! It is amazing- like mic drop amazing! Boom! That just happened amazing!

The Stars

"I'm restless.
Things are calling 
me away. My hair
is being pulled by
the stars again."

Anais Nin

Friday, April 10, 2015

Away We Go

           The long wait is over- our Summer travel season has officially started- last weekend we hit the road in our fully loaded van- headed to the Okanagan for an Easter visit with our family- mostly though it was a weekend for the Grandparents. The stretch of time between Christmas and Easter was so long- I know everyone felt the pull of family- missing each other- missing the connections we have- the need of parents to hug their children.

           And I have missed my mountains- my dear rolling hills with the lake nestled at the bottom of the valley- I have missed seeing the moon come up and traverse across the inky Okanagan skies. My heart will always be there- I never feel complete if I am away overly long. Even after thirteen years a person can be home sick

       The weekend was full of cousins and laughter- hot dogs on the campfire and all the fresh air one could possibly ask for.  Trees were climbed and the park across the street from Oma and Opa's visited a few times. We dug in the dirt- readying the planters for when we return- plans were made and lists mentally started. The Littles have some big plans for their Oma's garden- they have seeds already started in little pots on our window sill- we will bring our city plants all the way to the Okanagan and watch them grow all Summer long.

         Last weekend was just a taste of the Summer season to come- all the way home we chatted and planned out all the places we wish to explore this year. A lengthy list with lots of trips home to be balanced out by lots of camping on the Coast- so many places we have yet to go! My wanderlust is kicking in- I am wanting to just throw my gear in a backpack and go- head on out the door for whatever comes our way!

Dear Friends it is Friday- I have no idea where the days are flying away to- I am hoping to settle into a more regular blogging routine once again but for now please bear with me until I get things figured out! For now my weekend wish for you is a cold glass of wine fresh from the old cask and sunshine in your heart! Happy Friday Friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the Studio

         Since returning to work full time it has become abundantly clear that there are not enough hours in the day to fit in all the things I love to do- sitting around coffee shops scarfing back buttery pastries while knitting and chatting for hours on end is a rare occurrence these days! I am becoming much more mindful of how I spend my downtime- the hours after school becoming my favourite part of our day. Long walks home in the sunshine or short dashes through the rain- as long as I have one Little on each of my paws I am a happy Momma! These afternoon hours are becoming sacred to me- to us.

          Of course a part of me would be missing if a portion of my day was not spent being creative and making things- since my time is tight I have taken to spending and hour here or there working in my sketch book. Spurred on by the Opus Daily Practice in February I have kept going- or should I say we have kept going because painting right along side me is my girl. We have started painting together in what has rapidly become another family sketch book- which is great fun- my girl on one side and I on the other- elbow to elbow- passing the brushes and paints back and forth.

            It is such a treat to work beside her- a language of colour and shape happening where no words are necessary. In the sunshine- out on the deck we sit- our portable studio- ready at a moment's notice. After a fast and furious day at work slowing down and just being is just the thing I need- filling my soul up- the exhale of breath that has been held all day. My girly at my side.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Year of Making:Ceramics Part 2

          A few weeks ago I wrote about the ceramics class I have been taking- I showed a sneak peek at some things I was working on- those things are now glazed- fired and in daily rotation. Our class has drawn to an end and after much practice and a few successes I have decided to continue on with my adventures in clay. Once I got the hang of things throwing things on the wheel became quite addictive- I love that something that started out as a clump of clay was turned into a functional object- by my own hands. I am now a member of the clay studio- much excitement!

            Over the past month I have learned to slow down- that creating in all mediums does not need to come naturally- some things need to be learned. There were many times in the beginning when I truly thought of throwing in the towel- not going back to class- I was intimidated and didn't want to fail- once I got over myself and just relaxed thing started to work. For me starting a new job this month was pretty intense and so being able to sit down at the wheel and just kind of zone out really helped. Some people jog- I apparently make vessels out of clay!

          Going forward I am excited to start replacing mugs and bowls that have no meaning to me- big box store items that were bought in a moment of necessity- are no longer needed. My plan to fill our home with meaningful- hard working- beautiful objects looks like it is actually obtainable. Slowing down and curating our space in a world that often feels out of control in something I need right now- focusing on the beauty of imperfection- made by my own hand.

Monday, March 30, 2015


             In Vancouver there is an abundance of adorable gardening places- among them is Figaro's Garden- just off Commercial Drive- nestled in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood. With the skies opening up on Sunday there wasn't much on our list of things to do- this is the perfect time to run errands of the leisurely sort- like stocking up on herbs for the garden and learning all about planting blue berry bushes in containers. As I mentioned earlier I wasn't planning on gardening much this coming season- but as things are popping up green I can't help myself.

              Figaro's is chock a block full of early Spring herbs- decorative flowering plants and most important of all seeds. An impressive seed wall lines the back of the store- the tiny packets of possibility beckoning- urging one to try just one more time. So we do- lettuce seeds, carrot seeds, Swiss Chard and even some mystery flowers all go into our basket- along with a few carefully chosen- low maintenance early starts.

           About the only thing I haven't killed off yet- aside from Kale- are our strawberries and so The Boy was sadly disappointed when he picked out a new strawberry plant that we have no room for. Back the strawberry plant went and some Thyme was grudgingly agreed upon- I feel this is a somewhat ironic choice. A small cactus named Spike also came home with us- a fat cat named Wilbur did not.

           This quiet little visit to the garden store was just the thing to get me in the Spring mood- once home my Girl and I spent the better part of our afternoon pottering about the deck- nestling our new friends into their new homes. Tidying and pruning what remains from last year- watering everything. While I may not have the greenest thumb my heart is pure- I really want to grow things- I really want to have a garden- I am hoping that maybe- just maybe this year will be there year I figure it all out!

Friday, March 20, 2015

We Like To Ride Our Bicycles

         As Spring Break draws to a close it has become quite evident that there is a bit of a them happening this year- sunshine- new runners and bikes- lots and lots of bikes. Every year our family likes to make a bit of a bucket list- fun things to tick off as the year unfolds- at the top of the kid's wish list this year was to learn to ride their bikes with out training wheels. First of all I love that this was our kid's wish- not to go someplace or do something extravagant but to ride their bikes with out training wheels- as parents this was something we could easily give them.

          I really have to give credit where credit is due- the Mr. has been riding with them all winter- on the weekends when I have been at work- it was only a couple of weeks ago that the training wheels came off and I happened to be there to witness the big moment. It's the Mr. that has given these kiddos of ours the confidence needed to ride on two wheels! First The Boy wobbled off- careening across the field and through a group of people who luckily turned out to be friends of ours from school. After seeing the success of big brother it was only a matter of minutes before the training wheels were off Miss Lo's bike and Evil Knievel replaced my little girl- off she went.

           Sometimes I am still amazed that these Littles are not so little any more- the things that they come up with on their own astounds me- their choices in style amazes me and their physical abilities  often leave me in the dust. With this new found skill they have gained new freedom which will take them miles I have never seen- hopefully in countries I have never been- these wobbly first bike rides are the beginning of a wonderful new adventure!

         Friends it is Friday- the weeks are just flying by for us- we blinked and Spring Break is over- I hope you all have a peace filled weekend- much love and happiness! Happy Friday!